Wintergreen Forest Edibles

One part of my job that I particularly enjoy is walking new properties and discovering things that some people might overlook.  I look at the different types of trees, land features such as ponds, creeks, and types of soils.  I keep in mind that each property is unique and can offer a variety of different uses.  Some of my customers are searching for land to grow wild ginseng and other unique plants and trees that require certain soil and climate conditions.

I’ve recently discovered wintergreen in some upland deciduous forests.  I’m curious to hear from other people what some of the uses are that they have discovered.  I realize that it is edible, however it isn’t necessarily a food source for humans but more of a flavoring for teas and extracts.  Also, I’m curious if anyone uses the berries, and when the berries are most prevalent.


Here is a link for more information about wintergreen:

Please e-mail me,, if you would like to share any of your experiences with forest edibles.

— Brian Jackson