Tips to Building Your Cabin in the Wild

Tips to Building Your Cabin in the Wild

Today there is an increasingly attractive idea among young people all the way through retirees of disappearing into the woods and building their own cabin in the wild.

According to Nathan Tabor reviews, this nomadic based lifestyle comes on the heels of people whose lives are nothing but concrete and office buildings.

Find the Right Place

When you look for the right place to build your cabin, you need to take into consideration what your living conditions will be like once you move in, you can buy turnkey rental properties at a great budget.  For example, are you retired? If you are retired then your needs will differ from someone who is still actively employed. You don’t necessarily need to construct a cabin anywhere near local facilities but you might want to be near enough to a hospital or medical facility that accepts your insurance.  Similarly if you are still working and you simply want a cabin out in the wild where you can work from home, you will need to find a place that has decent enough internet that you can conduct your work and communicate regularly.  If you are somewhere in between, you might be looking for more self-sustainability when you build your cabin in the wild in which case you’ll want to make sure that the plot of land you choose on which to build your home has enough manageable space for farming or for a solar field, maybe a shed to store your farm equipment.   

Cabin in the wild

Modernize Your Cabin

While it might seem appealing to get away from it all and never have to deal with the internet or phone, in reality, if you build a cabin in the wild, you will need to modernize it. The rustic getaway cabin that has nothing more than a bucket for a toilet is not going to be appealing for very long.  What does this mean for you as you make your plans? It means you need to be prepared to modernize your cabin. There are plenty of cabins that still come equipped with the basics including plumbing and electricity as well as Internet, also you can improve the roof of your cabin, As Recommended Roofers, These Guys Do Not Disappoint. Call them today for all your roofing needs. There are of course many solutions to this depending on what your needs are: 

  • As you construct your cabin from the ground up you can build in electricity exactly where you want it and plumbing exactly where you need it.
  • You create a basic cabin design that has the living spaces with a separate cooking space like the traditional cabins of Sweden that have a kitchen outside.
  • Similarly you can do the same type of thing when it comes to restroom facilities or of course you can build a much more comprehensive cabin that is just like a house only, constructed in the traditional methods and located in the wild.
  • If you want to be off the grid, you can set up a solar panel field or hydroelectric energy depending on where your cabin is located and what natural elements you can find nearby.
  • For things like television and Internet, you can always pay a large sum of money to have those opportunities brought to where you live if you are far enough off the main roads but that will be expensive. Alternatively you can invest in things like satellites for significantly more rural areas. However, most people who build a cabin in the “wild” are not actually anywhere near the wild, they just aren’t in the city so chances are the plot of land you choose will have things like a well, electricity, propane, and internet readily available. For low rates on utilities in Calgary, visit Regional Energy’s website.

Securing Your Cabin

While you modernize, think of security. You will still need to find the best home locksmith service to secure your cabin. Again, it might seem appealing to live out in the middle of nowhere but that doesn’t mean you have to live out in the middle of nowhere with no security. In fact, even those people who do live somewhat in the wild, outside of cities need security but primarily for animals. You might need alarm systems that let you know when someone or something has broken into your trash. If you live in “Bear Country”, you might have city or state regulations that require you have specific locks set up on a container to hold your trash cans.  Locksmith services can help you secure your cabin even while it is still being constructed, setting up different types of security fencing around the construction material. Once it’s done of course you will need to set up some sort of alarm or perimeter security for those with larger properties, in addition to better locks on doors and windows and any sliding glass doors you have.