Looking For a Dream Weekend Retreat?

Looking for a dream weekend retreat?

It is increasingly common for people who live in big cities to long for a private escape, but paying to go on a vacation every weekend is expensive. It's a much better investment to simply buy your own weekend property, a vacation retreat that you can turn to whenever you have time off.  Dream weekend retreats are especially common for people who live anywhere from 3 to 6 hours away from a national forest, mountains, or the ocean. but how can you keep your property safe and secure not just when you are there but when you are gone?    

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Securing your weekend property

If you decide to invest in a weekend retreat, a place to which you can escape on the weekends to get away from it all, it is up to you to make sure that every aspect of your property is secure. This is particularly important when you live a few hours away and don't have neighbors right next door who can alert you when something goes wrong.   

  • Have a reliable and trusted home locksmith that you can call whenever the need arises. This needs to be a home locksmith you know is in the area and can get to that area immediately, not necessarily the person you use at your regular home 4 hours away. 

  • Consider installing video cameras not just outside of the home for property protection but inside the home. Why inside? Because a vacation property, especially one that you go to on the weekends, is not necessarily a house you will visit every single weekend. There might be a few weekends in a row where there's a family emergency, a local event you have to attend, or work is just getting the better of you. Now imagine that there is a leak in your kitchen and it goes on for 3 weeks unattended until you return. If you have interior video cameras that link to a smartphone, you can check in on the status of your home inside and out and catch these things early on, and then send a professional to fix them.

  • Tangentially a home locksmith can help you set up security measures that can be accessed from far away, like smart locks connected to your phone which you can unlock at a distance. These are situations where you might need a plumber to head out to that weekend retreat because you saw footage of a leak in the kitchen, and you don't have to drive 4 hours to your vacation home but instead you can open the door for the plumber through your phone.

Other security measures are simple things that don't necessarily require a great deal of technology.  Do you have trash services at your weekend retreat? Chances are if you visit there regularly you pay for a local trash service but you might want to make arrangements with a neighbor to bring your trash cans back down your driveway during the week on the weekends that you put the trash out. Similarly you might want to have a specific shed or unit where you lock your trash cans when you are not home so the people can't steal them in your absence.  

Speaking of neighbors, if you have your dream weekend retreat, get to know your neighbors when you first head out there. Exchange phone numbers and put them on the contact list if they give permission for emergency services. This can come in handy in the event that you don't have smart locks on your phone but there is a problem at the house. In these situations you can call up the neighbor and ask if they will let the plumber in your house using a spare key that you have hidden.  Make sure you sign up for local services as well particularly local notification services and Emergency Services. In areas of California, for example, companies like PG&E will send out notifications to those who sign up alerting them to scheduled power outages or even unscheduled power outages once they occur. If you have a vacation property in an area like this, you can verify whether there is power before you head out for the weekend.  

Similarly, there are plenty of emergency services in areas on the west coast that alert you to the status of nearby fires. This can inform you when there is a fire encroaching on your property or when it's a good time to evacuate your vacation retreat.