If Not Now, When is a Good Time to Buy Land?

If not now…..when?

This may now become my credo after three land purchases I’ve made. It all began with a passion for hunting years ago when landowners seldom said “no” when asked for permission to hunt. As time passed the answers became “well…..uh….sorry but.” Then it was just plain “NOPE, and don’t come back!”

Not to be discouraged my focus became public lands which abound in Central NY. My goodness I made GREAT use of the State Land in my area. I still do!

But, when days pass by and few animals were seen my mind wandered to owning my own land. I could create better habitat for the wildlife putting in food plots and improving other nutritional forage. Maybe it was the idea of being a steward of the land so I began looking for ranches for sale.

At any rate owning land as an investment plus the benefit of finding the right property to compliment my hobbies has been a rewarding endeavor in ways I never dreamed. As I type this my mind is wandering to the excitement of placing trail cameras then collecting the pictures of life in the woods when there’s nobody there but the animals. They captured many, many fascinating videos & images.

Oh, and by the way….there can be financial gains realized. In many cases through leasing land to a farm, timber management and general appreciation land owners can recoup their investment or off-set taxes. Property can satisfy those of you that wish to invest in a commodity. Unlike investing in property with structures, tenants & ongoing maintenance, land doesn’t ask much of your time or money post-sale. For me, that’s an Investment Property! You can also invest in buying homes through investment property loans. Just check here for the listings. Make sure also to do either of the following: property survey, land title search  or Residential land surveying.

My first land purchase was in 2006. Then, again in 2007 & 2009. These were 25 ac, 15 ac & 40 ac. I enjoy what has become a ritual of creating trails & food plots. Building a comfortable observation tower, ground blinds, tree stands and camp sites. My family, friends (and pets) have enjoyed it immensely. Bonfires in summer, fishing in the pond, hunting in the autumn and ever the eye on planning where my forever home will be “placed.”

The passion that has developed, the respect & responsibility has come to define a different part of me. Now I can invite & share these experiences with others. The pride and fulfillment when a friend is able to experience what I discovered for myself & to see the lightbulb go on……awesome.

The only regret I have is “why did I wait until in my 40’s?” I’ve heard many say “I’m going to”, “I should” or “someday.” Well my friends……someday never comes.

If not now, when?

— Matt Klink