Homesteading, prepping or just working the farm because that’s what you know?

Homesteading has seen a revival since the economic downturn of 2006. We all saw many families lose their jobs, their homes and all they had in the bank. The recession/depression of this time period sufficiently scared a lot of folks into wanting to get back to the land and learn self-sufficiency so that a future economic disaster isn’t as likely to affect their family.

Our family moved to Ithaca from S. Utah in 2010 for our own reasons. We loved the fact that this area is so supportive of local farming endeavors. We were able to buy some land and are slowly turning it into a productive farm. The land is being planted into productive plants that will hopefully in the coming years will provide us with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer, and give us enough to put up for the winter.

Upstate New York is very fortunate to have areas with great soil for agriculture, a great growing climate and plenty of good water. It has also been very refreshing to find so many people that have been living on their farm since it was homesteaded years ago. Farming is just a way of life for many, in our case we have installed a whole house water filter to make sure we drink clean water.

My parents left the farm when they were married and my whole life I have just wanted to get back to one.

My real estate career in S. Utah was focused on helping home buyers and sellers with raw parcels of land, water rights and unique parcels that were close to the border of Zion National Park. Upstate New York is very unique in its population layout. There are plenty of areas that support the farmer and the newer homesteader.

My goal is to begin a dialog on homesteading in New York and various considerations to keep in mind when purchasing your property for that new life.

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